AishwariyaRai and Ranbeer Kapoor chemistry in movie

Aishwarya Roy will be back on the big screen after a long time. The movie Ay Dil Ha Mushkilhas been the talking point in the Bollywood now. The main thing which is under discussion is the scenes of Aishwarya Roy and RanbirKapoor which were edited by the censor board.

The Director Karan Johar has clarified that there nothing like this. These scenes were not of such type which would have been considered inappropriate. And the actor and actress in these scenes acted to the perfection of what he wanted to show.

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The scenes did not include any kind of Lip kissing and nothing of that sort. There have been rumors about the movie having some bold scenes. And the newspapers have been reporting that the Bachan family did not like these scenes at all.

Another funny incident took place when the daughter of Aishwarya spotted RanbirKapoor and hugged him by calling papa. This was such an embarrassment for the Bachan family. It seems that AbhishekBachan is not doing well at all as a father too.

The movie has been in chit chat for long now and as there were issues regarding the release of the movie which are almost solved now we can hope for a blockbuster now. The Movie is promising with very big names in it and people are waiting anxiously for the release of it.

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