Allah shows these sign to give us wakeup call

Miracles of Islam and Allah also include the verses of Quran which tell man that there are many solutions to his problems, all he has to do is to be attentive towards Allah and seek his guidance by offering prayers or with the help of reading the book he has bestowed on the last messenger.

dance party saudi by khabarnamcha

Miracles are not only bound to this book rather the miracles are everywhere for those who think, who try to understand, who use their head and look at the stars, moon, and sun. Mountains, trees, and sky standing above us without pillars all are miracles of Allah and Islam.

Every believer when look at these signs, he is reminded of God or simply is reminded of the super power which is controlling all the matters of the universe and helping people down on the earth by providing a life cycle for them with rains, fruits, trees, rivers and all natural things that are necessary for life. A miracle of Allah and Islam simply is a topic which is never ending.

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