Ay Dil Ha mushkil get the clearance

Fawad Khan starring in the Movie ay Dil ha Mushkil might not get a chance to work again in Bollywood. If the relations between Pakistan and India remain the same. Different associations and states have said that they will ban any movie which has Pakistani artists working in it.

The movies were all set to be released across the Cinemas all over India. But the threats by different states and Cinema house associations have raised question marks on the release of the movie. There was arumor that there can be retaliation and attacks on the Cinema houses in the movie was released.

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So Karan Johar had a tough task to clear his movie after all the effort which he had done in shooting the movies. Karan Johar had to release a video message in which he clearly stated that he will not cast any Pakistani artists in his movies in future.

And he also said that the country is more important than anything else. But he also asked that the movie was shot last year when the relationship between Pakistan and India were normal. And there was no trouble between the two countries at all.

Karan Johar also shared his thoughts about the movie. According to him, it took nine days for him to write up the movie. He thought about the concept when he was wondering on the streets in the USA. And he was thinking about the love being one sided how one can get affected by this very much.

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