Best compilation of wildlife fight

Sensitive people in the society protest against such telecast and videos of wildlife fight as they complain that our children get scared by watching such videos, while switching the channels if a horrible animal fight comes across their way they get anxiety attack. Societal forces banned all this wildlife and animal fights programs but as a reaction people in this business fought for their rights and this business is constantly running.

Wildlife documentary by aakhThuu

The business of telecasting these wildlife fights was not only banned due to reason of violation of animal rights but also because people beside earning from this business are also found losing their lives while trying to record all the fight videos because animals when see that their bad and irritating time is being recorded they become aggressive at the video recorders and attack them.

Controversial nature of this source of income makes it disturbing for people related to this business. The solution for it is simply that either provide them the alternate jobs to the people related to this business or make it compulsory for them to use protections.

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