These brutal creatures does not represent Allah

Video gone quite viral include the news of flying cat, and walking tree, a tree that walks one step in one year. All such things sometime are result of lack of knowledge of people. When people do not know the reason, they find it miracle or strange, all such videos despite of their doubtful nature are watched

Medical reasons include biological changes in routine creatures or animals like lion, zebra and etc when any biological change or destruction occur in these animals, it affect their upcoming generations. Reason of the existence of such strange creatures is simply the law of nature.

There also exist so many human beings that do not have the complete body parts and are considered as strange creatures and sometimes referred as special children. People when become unable to find reason behind innocent kids being born without legs and hands they say that these are the human beings which did bad sins in the first coming in this life and now their second coming in this life is in the form of such strange creature.

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