Cat fight in women university

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is not only because of this reason that these people are bad rather when such people are looked from all angles, one come to know that there are many reasons behind such human behaviors. People become unable to find answers to the questions their mind arise.

Punjab university cat fight by khabarnamcha

Some people do bad deeds in reaction because they do not get the justice in this life completely rather they only suffer too much in this life. Parents of such children are found saying that our children were only vulnerable to bad deeds but when they were provided with the fixation of a certain thought again and again then they opted for dugs dates and party cultures.

Both parents and children are requested to compromise with each other as there are many issues which can be solved by this approach, the child as soon as start growing or simply reach the age of ten years is being watched by the parents as criminal, but the only merciful option for a child is parents so they must be careful regarding bringing up of their children.

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