Daesh does not follow Islamic teachings

Miracles of Allah and Islam can be best understood by reading the books of Islam that include Quran and sayings of last messenger explaining the verses of Quran. Miracle is simply understanding of these books because there is not a single human problem which is not addressed in the Quran.

Islamic State video shows Turkish soldiers by khabarnamcha

Every solution or simply the way to tackle with every problem is told in the book. This is the biggest miracle of Islam and Allah. Some people say that we see miracle of Allah when we look at the creations around us, the sky above us perfectly standing without any pillars.

The earth upon which we walk on or simply ride our bikes and other vehicles is miracle of Allah. The mountains standing on the earth amazingly large in size also make people believe in the power of God. Simply miracles of Allah and Islam are everywhere for those who think, try to understand and ponder.

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