Expect the unexpected in daily life

Many people who say that only this life is worth living and life hereafter is not there and start making a false belief then such people start seeking pleasures all the time in this life and want everything in this life. There becomes category of people, one say that enjoy life as soon as possible because it may end anytime.

Elevator In Hotel by khabarnamcha

All the problems arise in this life only when people say we only live once. Demand everything in this life and are found saying that we do not see or believe that after we die and will become skeleton and the skeleton also will vanish will we raise again. The time makes everything die so there is no chance of next life.

On the other hand those who believe in afterlife are found saying that we believe in the afterlife because the life of this world cannot be justified without the concept of afterlife. All that make us suffer in this world remove our sins and by the time we die, we are made pure from our sins and we return to God without any burden of sins.

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