Female workers in Dubai hotels

Drugs dates and party culture in youngsters is not only because of the reason of failure rather it is because of many other reasons that include some serious issues of the individuals as death of parents in childhood, separation of parents or simply sex or child abuse and labor.

Dubai girls in hotel by khabarnamcha

Some people in young age show rebellious attitudes because they do not get the justice in this life completely and also suffer cruelty especially cases like rape and gang rape with an individual make him or her depressed and an individual become fix to specific thoughts and for escape he or she starts using drugs.

Both parents if are alive and children are requested to show patience and do compromise with each other as there are many problems that can be solved simply with discussion and by bringing them closer to reality for example when a person is found saying repeatedly that tall buildings make me horrified, his or her fear can be removed by showing him a real picture of his irrational fear.

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