God’s miracle recorded on live camera

Miracles of Allah and Islam is favorite topic of Muslims, the reasons include the love for the messenger of Islam the Muslims are taught since their childhood. Many Muslims like ghazi mumtaaz, ghazi ilm deen shaheed and others in the history are found killing themselves in the name of love for messenger.

OLD BLIND MAN GETS HIS SIGHT BACK on The… by khabarnamcha

Every Muslim child when born is told that there is no one worth worshipping instead of unseen Allah who created everything from nothing and is uncreated by definition. This one true God or simply Allah is the one who loves his creatures more than the love of infinite mothers.

Every single problem that a human being suffer in this life is provided with the solution in the book of Islam that is Quran, this book include 114 chapters, every single chapter begin with the name of Allah and his mercy but only one chapter does not begin with the name of Allah which is named as Tauba because in this chapter there is a person who was head of the enemies of prophet in committing polytheism.

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