Indian boy tortures his mother

Miracles of Islam and Allah also include all the verses of Quran which speak about the facts regarding this life and the afterlife, it not only tells that there had been in the past so many creatures and nations who did not gave value to the words of God and were destroyed.

80-year-old mother ceiling fan in Mumbai by khabarnamcha

Miracles are not only bound to reading of this book rather the miracles are seen by the believer of afterlife almost everywhere as for those who think, who try to understand, who try to develop their understanding and want to grow in mind are found saying that the stars, moon, and sun. Mountains, trees, and sky standing above us without pillars all remind us of Allah.

Every believer call God as Allah because the Arabic word Allah cannot be twisted like the English word God which can be twisted into different terms like Tin God, God father, God mother, God son, and all such words that destroy the concept of oneness of God in Islam whereas Arabic word Allah remains single just like the oneness of God.

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