Indian wedding rituals exposed by CNN

A recent activity of youth in which group of teen age people made advertisements offering an invitation to all the people to drink alcohol openly was quite immoral. Immoral activities are being done by the people openly instead of privately now days. Many people do immoral activities near the holy places like shrine, mosques and etc just because they will go unnoticed.

Marriage rituals in India by khabarnamcha

Immoral activities only provide temporary pleasures and escapes because the permanent solution lies in the practice described or prescribed by the Allah in the Quran and teachings of the last messenger. But the tragedy is simply that people are not even aware of their religious books and blindly following whatever they have seen their forefathers doing.

All the believers who believe in hereafter are rarely seen involved in immoral activities, because they hold faith that success depends upon purifying the soul and any loss that they suffer or undergo in this life is either a test or punishment and in both cases they move forward with an approach to make corrections by learning from the past. Corruption though provides early monetary benefits but do not offer any kind of comfort or peace of mind and heart.

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