Islam totally disprove such acts

Miracles of Allah and Islam if come in writing they will never end because the list is very long but on the other hand there are people who say that there is no miracle of Allah as Allah is not there and Islam is a false religion. The second categories of people after looking at many miracles, looking at many things that go unexplained by human mind term them as science or believe in the extra territorial powers.

Big Punishment By Teacher to his Students by khabarnamcha

Every Muslim child is when born is told some basic facts regarding his religion and he is taught that there is no god but one true God ALLAH, who created everything and by definition is uncreated. Such true miracles of Allah when a child start growing his belief starts developing regarding the facts that the one who created everything is very powerful.

Every single verse of the Quran when is read by such children they are found saying that we find Quran as a miracle because whatever it talks about we see in it our solutions to daily life problem. Many people who do not read Quran in the language they understand best gain no benefit from the Quran.

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