JInnnah certainly was a chosen man of God

Miracles of Allah and Islam are best witnessed when an individual implement it in his life, when a person avoid the sex activities both hidden and in public .When a person develops a complete self discipline in himself and his evil self remains under his control all the time. Such existence of an individual reflects the true miracles of Allah and Islam.

M. Ali Jinnah to M. Gandhi by khabarnamcha

This miracle and sign of Allah and Islam leave strong impact on people who live life by just following their desires blindly, when they see such an individual who is so much disciplined and reflects peace of mind and heart they start seeking guidance from such person. Scriptures of all the religions though speak about the signs of God in scientific way and also in general but the presence of an obedient servant of God is more of a miracle than the miracles in scriptures.

Only those people suffer in this life and will suffer hereafter also who do not seek guidance from the divine book of Quran. This book not only guide its reader rather it lead its reader from darkness to light and provide peace of mind and heart to its reader and promise its reader true way to pass through this world safe and sound.

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