Maid harassed by land lord

Youngsters when are not given their rights or proper conditions to live, they become the people who rebel, protest and make life difficult of all who are associated with them. They neither lives nor let others live peacefully such youth become so much problematic to society that not only the family of youth rather the society around them also suffer.

beghairat kon video dekhain or batain by khabarnamcha

Youth that is found using drugs sometime are found saying that we use drugs because a girl left us, a girl to whom we gave all our belongings, a girl whom we loved so much, a girl for whom we used to live, we used to breathe. When youth suffer such tragedy like a caring friend left them or they face sufferings they start using drugs.

Newspaper and magazines are full of such news that educational institutes instead of providing the healthy environment for studies are offering the environment that is supporting the use of dates, party and drugs culture. Students instead of focusing on their studies are found involved in entertainments.

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