Man being given second life before funeral

Life of this world when is discussed by people, they are found saying that we are suffering. Not enjoying life rather life is giving us pain. The reason behind such sentences and statements is very simple that this life of world is created by the author of the Quran to test which of the human beings do good deeds and which do not do.

'Dead' woman comes back to life in Karachi by khabarnamcha

The author of the Quran mentions or describes this life as entertainment and enjoyment that end very soon. The afterlife is described as the real life where never ending entertainments and enjoyments will be offered. The reasons behind the concept of afterlife are the sufferings of this world life.

Sufferings of this world life make the people to develop a concept of afterlife where every suffering will be healed and no one will suffer injustice. Rather crimes and injustice will be managed quite well in the afterlife as all the people who lived life of this world with patience will be having their reward there and those who lived life doing bad deeds will suffer punishment.

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