Parents must keep an eye on their kids

Man is created perfectly, some people say that we are made defectively and vulnerable to errors but reality is God has created the mankind so perfectly that both evil and good is equally balanced in his creation. It is the man who chose between right and wrong or simply between good or evils.

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Some people do evil deeds all the time and report that we feel nothing or simply we have no guilt factors but the truth is that this report of people is false because every sin leaves a guilt, or sadness on the heart of the believer who believes in hereafter and believes that one day he will have to return back to his creator.

All the believers who believe in hereafter hold faith that success depends upon purifying the soul and failure depends upon corrupting it. But despite of this faith many believers fell prey to bad deeds by choosing the evil thoughts and develop habits of drug, dates and party culture that is left by them on their death only.

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