People do not fear Allah anymore

Life of this world is hardly liked by people, under discussion topics of life rarely get admiration because the major complaint people do against life is simply its temporary nature. Whenever anything that gives them pleasure is discussed, they say that our pleasures end very early, the moment our life become enjoyable we die.

Girls Watch this before going shopping malls by khabarnamcha

The afterlife is seen by no one, the one who dies never comeback and the one who dies physically already had face many deaths in the form of sadness, sorrow and fears. All verbal, physical hits, loss of life, wealth, fruits, and health are some fears or simply pain that a person undergo in this life.

Believers of afterlife are found saying that whatever we suffer, whatever pain we have in this life we are given rewards in afterlife for our patience but if in this life we only complaint and we do not give any value to the concerns of afterlife then this life become so difficult that suicidal thoughts start coming.

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