Public justice sets example in Yemen

Life and afterlife are the choice of every individual who is born. The one who has given us this life is found saying in his book that this world or simply this life is a temporary stay where every individual is advised to live life by keeping in mind that he will have to account for all the blessings with which he is provided in this life.

Yemen Treatmen by rehanalichohan1981

Eyes, ears, hands, all body parts, all the blessings that are desired by man in this life if he gets all his desires fulfilled then he will also be accountable for the owner’s equity, and a person is advised to desire for the afterlife whatever he desires for this life.

Afterlife is unseen and many people say that there is nothing ahead after a person dies, you only live once. On the other hand some people say you only die once, these people believe that there is nothing especial in the charms of this life, and every entertainment of this life ends and is temporary whereas after death there will be resurrection and depending upon the good deeds and bad deeds a person will either live forever in heaven or in hell.

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