Punishment in grave seen by dozens

Majority of people say that only this life is worth living and they start seeking pleasures in this life and all the time they want everything in this life as maximum as possible and as early as possible. There is category of people that say enjoy life as it may end anytime whereas other say that life may end anytime so prepare afterlife by purifying the soul or simply by doing good deeds.

incident of grave shocks nation by khabarnamcha

Problem with people arise when they start giving false logic that there is no God because there was nothing out there before the advent of the big bang, all the life came into existence by chance with an explosion whereas believers say that this is false logic because everything came into existence by the words of God saying be and it is.

Logics many times make people suffer as they at some point become unable to give any reason or find any logic and prefer to stay happy in this life as they find that this life is the only life and do whatever you want to do because this life is volatile in nature, it may end anytime so enjoy maximum. Such people are found involved in immoral activities of ecstasy.

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