Some shocking facts about afterlife

Majority of people say that only this life is worth living and start looking for pleasures in this life and all the time they want everything in this life as maximum as possible. There becomes category of people that say enjoy life as soon as possible because it may end anytime whereas other say that life may end anytime so prepare afterlife.

Grave by rehanalichohan1981

All the problems arise when people fell prey to false logic that there is no God because since time immemorial there is no sign of God or simply on earth there is no data of God, this false logic make people believe that life of this world is the only life this happen because they forget that the definition of God is that he is eternal and does not require any beginning and end.

Logics when get failed people prefer to stay happy in this life as they find that this life is the only life and do whatever you want to do because this life is volatile in nature, it may end anytime so enjoy maximum. Those who prefer love over logic say that afterlife is developed by doing good deeds.

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