Soul leaving body shown with special camera

Life hereafter is the faith of those people who say that injustice in this world must be balanced by the life hereafter and this life cannot be justified unless there is the concept of life after this world. Believers of hereafter try to live this life by worshiping one true God according to the way told by him in religious scriptures.

Islam , soul & body by khabarnamcha

People help needy; they try to do good deeds by offering prayers, supporting their relatives in need. Many people do not believe in the afterlife because it is unseen and they say we only believe in what we see. All welfare tasks according to them is wastage of money, one must live life according to his desires.

Life hereafter according to such people is seen and guaranteed by no one because the one who left this world has never come back, those who leave this life or die never come back to tell what happened with them so why should we be worried of things we have no guarantee of. So for such people only this life is worth living.

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