Strange creature born in Israel

Alien creatures or strange creatures are found on planet earth; strange things are claimed to be seen by many people as newspapers are found reporting that flying horse was seen in the sky, or simply man made up of fire was seen. Ghosts and fairy stories are found reported by many people and videos on the internet also support their claim.

A baby looks exactly like the dajjal by khabarnamcha

Strange creatures not only include the ghosts and fairies but also include all those creatures that once were seen on the roads of European countries, internet released pictures once in which such strange events were recorded where birds were seen flying having face like zebras.

Strange creatures sometimes are nothing but the result of strong imagination. Normally in the routine people are found saying that we saw a man whose skin of the face was not there, only skeleton was there walking on the road. These strange creatures do not exist in reality but are seen by the people according to psychologists in the state of neurosis and psychosis.

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