Tragic incdent at wedding

Youngsters are the people who need care and proper guidance, the issues they see around them or in front of them if are not answered or solved properly, the youth rebels and protest. It neither lives nor let others live peacefully. Motivation of the youth if dies without properly being utilized it is considered as tragedy.

groom at wedding by khabarnamcha

Youth that justify the use of drugs, dates and party culture simply do so by saying that nobody cares, we suffer so much in this life and no one bothers to help us out. Similarly there are many young fellows who say that stealing, robbing having open sex all are the parts of human life so why should we stop, if our problems are not solved through proper channel then why not to use the channel either wrong that solves our problems.

Newspaper and magazines are found reporting that educational institutes instead of giving intellectual outgrowth to the students or youngsters, it is providing such an environment that triggers the sexual instincts and offer youth to indulge in the immoral activities openly.

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