Wild beast ruins girl’s life

Recent videos of animal fights include a video of crocodile and dear, crocodile came out of the water suddenly and tried to attack the dear but dear managed quite well to run and escape the attack made by the crocodile. Many people who are quite sensitive in nature are found developing phobias after watching such videos despite the attack of crocodile was failed but the horrible nature of attack make sensitive people develop phobias.

People in this trade suffer only when some complaints are made by the people to government officials that stop the telecast of such TV channels that expose the wildlife and also the sex life of animal and other attack videos. These videos when include the telecast of animal sex, they become really unbearable.

As far as the wildlife fight is observed, these videos not only are sold but also they are demanded in such a way that supply becomes short and demand is more. The people in this business are found reporting that twenty percent of our videos give us eighty percent of profit whereas eighty percent of our videos give us twenty percent of our profit.

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