Young air hostess caught in London for carrying gold

Parents especially mothers weep regarding the children misbehavior or rebellious attitudes against the parents as some children are found beating their own parents. Children, who suffer less protection and unguided or simply misguided environment, are found developing bad characters that disturb the society.

PIA Air Hostess Caught In London by khabarnamcha

The causes of such rebellious or immoral attitudes include separation of parents or death or sexual abuse in childhood which makes children so despair and aggressive that when they grow up they try to return the same thing to society or they show irresponsible attitude in return to everyone they come across.

Most common immoral activities among youth include usage of drugs, dates, parties, stealing, robbing, and sex on the internet and at hidden places, all this happen because people complain that their children are exposed to bad environment and surroundings which misguide them.

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