Youngsters falling for sins in routine life

A recent intermingling of sexes was seen by the youth in which youth was found involved having open sex and recording it with cameras to upload on internet. This institute was not an unknown institute rather it was an institute quite well known internationally.

لڑکا چوری کی نیت سے گھر میں گھس گیا لڑکی کو… by dublewz

Immoral activities of youth not only include drugs dates and party culture rather it also include the major sin in Islam which is said as adultery because in young age sex hormones are developed quite highly in number and are released from the body very fast.

All the problems of youth can be solved if they are discussed properly, many problems become major problems when they are not discussed properly and are kept hidden unless they increase in size or simply become intense severe in nature, at that moment it become difficult to be solved. The very first step to solve the problems of youth is to identify the problem at the earlier stages and resultantly these problems will not grow up to the point of no return.

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